The HMS Beagle Project learning programme seeks to enrich Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education through hands-on educational activities, and to use public engagement events to contribute to greater understanding of our planet’s environment and how it is changing.

Built around the core themes of science and exploration, our ship- and land-based 
projects are developed for a wide range of audiences, working alongside local partners to ensure the greatest impact.

Darwin and the Adventure

Two hundred years after Charles Darwin’s birth, The HMS Beagle Project coordinated a major collaborative celebration of the scientist’s life and work in Paraty, Brazil.

Supported by a British Council Darwin Now Network grant, the HMS Beagle Project set up a live link between NASA and 60 local schoolchildren, to participate in a live question and answer session.

Download the Darwin and the Adventure project report.

The Darwin Experience

The HMS Beagle Project builds strongly on the success of our partner organisation, the Pembrokeshire-based Darwin Centre.

The Darwin Centre’s hands-on science learning programmes are widely praised for enabling young people to experience science in their local environment, building their confidence and interest in the subject. Schools that participate in the programmes have increased the quality of their science teaching as a direct result of attending.